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Darpdecade joins The Blue House

  International startup leaves for Moroccan surf town to work on launch   Does a startup need a fixed workspace? Many would answer with a confident ‘yes’. Darpdecade however, a Groningen-based startup known for doing different things differently, has joined The Blue House, a residence in Morocco, where international startups can live, grow and work […]


    We create stories, inspire people and built products from the greatest places all over the world!   Join our amazing Startup Journey!   If you are a DEVELOPER and/or UX/UI DESIGNER and want a sensational experience of; traveling,  working, sunshine, surfing …   whilst building PRODUCTS that MATTER and EMPOWER people!   Tweet us @darpdecade and come travelling with […]

Darp Approved: Farm house style dinner party

At Darpdecade we are dreaming of summer in this muggy winter and have found this cute how to post from on how to style and cook a proper farm house style dinner party. This is a tutorial to save for the summer months but we can still dream, can’t we? How to Host a […]

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Fashion Flashback: The Best 50 Model-Off-Duty Looks of 2014

This is the ultimate fashion flashback on the coolest model off-duty looks from 2014. Orginally appearing on by Jasmine Garnsworthy: Like with many things (glossy hair, flawless skin, etc.), models just have the ability to nail a casual dress code better than most of us. Sure, it seems obvious that models will always look flawless in fashion campaigns and on the […]

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From Draper Universities 3rd Floor to Tokyo’s ‘The 10th Floor’

What is happening at Darpdecade    A couple of months ago one of our founders came across a typical problem which many of you have come across. Let me explain it like this; It was this feeling of standing in front of your closet and you have these moments in which nothing fits. You try […]

Just imagine…you had had an endless wardrobe ? An unlimited access to clothes for every mood and for every occasion ?   Just imagine… you would make new friends who share the passion and love for the same things you do?   Just imagine… you would never have to wear the same things twice?   […]

Wear more vintage, be kind to the earth, be darp!

For past decades a so called ‘throwaway culture’, has led to clothing being produced under environmentally desasterous mass production – schemes. Buying in clothing stores like Primark, H&M, Zara (many others) has led to clothing being thought of more like wrapping paper and less like reusable functional art. Creativity was kept at a low level, […]

Stress-Relief Tool Nr.1

Dress-up in DARP -Vintage Fashion   Back at Work / University from an awesome Summer? Already getting stressed and upset with all the bad mood around you, the weather, the traffic, the headlines on the newspaper, the stereotyping and conformity? Our way to relief your stress and getting through your day with the same summer-like […]

What is DARP?

To find the real meaning of DARP it is not enough to simply punch in this word into google. The real true meaning of this word you might have to travel back in time or maybe even find a 95 year an old grandfatherish person in the creative area of Williamsburg (New York), who might […]


People always say; if you haven’t had something for a long time, when it then comes back after months of absence it brings lots of joy and happiness with it. This phenomenon can be seen each year at the beginning of summer. A period of darkness, moody- people and frustration has come to an end. […]